Project South

PROJECT SOUTH, 420,000 Sq. Ft. in BLAST-TRACK Speed- Dallas, TX

Clients often reach out to Facilitec in search of a design firm and find that we are so much more. Quickly, we realize that they don’t know how they are going to get through the process while staying within budget, on time, and addressing the organization’s future needs. This is where our process comes into play. Our current assignment called Project SOUTH utilizes our entire process involving many factor. They are moving their corporate headquarters and distribution facilities from several locations around the country to Dallas, Texas.

First, there was cost. Facilitec had to gather all of the information for the total cost of relocating the 420,000 square foot project to Dallas from three cities. Second, there was timing. This all had to be done in 6 months which was deemed a blast-track timeframe. Third, there was communication. To avoid tarnishing expectations of the corporate goals, our team had to figure all of this out without speaking to key corporate staff members which added to the complexity of the project.

While delivering innovative design is important, Facilitec goes above and beyond as a partner. Our passion is to facilitate the complex process of workplace relocation and renovations so that you our clients can stay focused on their core business. We ensure that clients get through the complex set of business issues in order to drive future success.

By blending real estate, project management, & architectural design, Project South’s August timeframe is on track to be met for their high season with the state of the art headquarters and distribution center.

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