When PMG decided to move, one of its primary goals was to take care of its employees. As a leading provider of business process automation software, PMG places a high priority on attracting and retaining top talent, and recognizes the value that today’s workers – especially Millenials – place on their work environment. Check out the office spaces below to see how PMG designed their space with their employees in mind.

An Environment for Collaboration

Low workstation panels maintain an open, light environment for all employees, not just those in windowed offices. Workstation whiteboards, dual monitor arms, ergonomic task seating, ample lounge seating, and well lighted, highly visible meeting space all contribute to an open, cooperative, team atmosphere.

Height Adjustable Work Surfaces

Work surfaces that move allow desk bound employees to change positions while they work – a practice that can decrease the health risks associated with a sedentary job.* At PMG, every workstation is adjustable – an investment that can improve moral, increase output, and decrease employee health issues.

Beneficial Break Areas


PMG knows that high performance employees need a break now and then to stay productive and engaged. To meet this goal, PMG invested in spaces that provide for relaxing and stimulating breaks, such as a putting green, a game area, a break room with ample cold food storage and appliances, a free soda machine, and a three flavor kegerator! Who wouldn’t want to work here?