Whether you are moving your space or reconfiguring, Facilitec has the project management team to make your entire process run smoothly. Our professional team will plan, execute and monitor your project’s scope, cost and timeline to make sure we deliver an outstanding solution. 

We are here to consult, estimate project costs and budgets, and manage relationships with vendors and contractors for easy workflow. As your Project Manager, we will oversee the team and ensure everyone stays on task and on time. As your advocate, we will lower risks, disruption, and costs so you can continue doing what you do best. 

As your representative, we will help you create the best team and ensure that each member of the team is representing and respecting all of your goals. By engaging a project manager in planning stages, costly mistakes can be avoided down the road. We keep detailed records during the entire process from project analysis through final building stages which reduces errors and costs. We are equipped with the experience of researching feasibilities including finances, urban planning and political issues which eliminates costly mistakes along the way. As your trusted partner, we assure that your interest and needs are met throughout the entire journey.  

Let our project management team make any of your projects a success!