When meeting with Dominium for the first time it became apparent quickly that the feel of the space was of major importance to them. We met in their existing location and the facility was beautiful. After a few minutes we learned that they had several issues that the new location would need to resolve. While touring we discovered, they had people working in two different suites, which created challenges in their culture. The cost of having to go through a relocation was worrisome as well. After learning those main concerns as well as others, Facilitec was prepared to present a solution.

Residential Feel

Dominium relocated to one of the premier high-rises in one of the most upscale areas of the city, that met all of their goals. Looking to create a warm interior with a residential feel, while ensuring the needs of the business were met, Facilitec worked closely with one of the partners wives, creating the best of both worlds.



Lighting being one of their concerns, Facilitec worked with the client’s team to resolve their concerns by removing the previous lighting and installing indirect fixtures, to ensure the best light quality.


War Rooms

Working with Dominium’s staff the required “war rooms” appeared more like the well-appointed seating areas of a home, supporting their family like culture.


Work Space

The 17,000 square foot space housed multiple conference rooms, offices, and an open and airy break room on glass, with the ability to expand.  Facilitec managed the relocation to the new office and decommissioned the other spaces with minimal down time and without interrupting productivity.


The project was a tremendous success and could not have happened without the involvement of everyone, to include Dominium’s team members, family members, and a host of consultants.