A leader in the facility design and relocation management business for more than 25 years, Facilitec attributes its history of project success to its custom bench-marking system referred to as FaciliTRAC. Unique to Facilitec, this intricate 160+ step process integrates furniture dealer and relocation services with standard architecture and design industry benchmarking systems, and each one of the steps is comprised of 5 or more deliverables.  Unlike its competitors, who subcontract these elements, Facilitec has the in-house team and resources to execute the entire process.  This comprehensive services capability enables Facilitec to maintain control over the entire project from start to finish and ensures that Facilitec meets all client budgets, schedules and expectations, resulting in a well-executed project.

Facilitec implements the FaciliTRAC system as means to fulfill tracking and responsibility measures for each of the many steps of the complex facility relocation and design process. This method, combined with a company philosophy that promotes treating the client better that you would yourself, gives Facilitec a competitive edge and has resulted in a 98% client satisfaction rate.

The first phase and foundation to the FaciliTRAC system is preliminary planning with in-depth budgeting and scheduling, also known as project benchmarking. This extensive planning phase is critical to project success because it addresses client needs while considering key real estate objectives.  It also allows Facilitec to identify essential action steps which serve as a strategic guide for all involved with project execution. Facilitec’s extensive experience and thorough knowledge of both the real estate and design industries are great assets to its clients, especially for those unfamiliar with the complexities or workspace design and office relocation.  Their unique ability to anticipate how each decision and detail affects project timelines, budgets and overall design also contributes to successful outcomes.

Facilitec’s proprietary FaciliTRAC process provides a system of accountability for all project team members, with measures to guarantee that projects are delivered on time and on budget and clients are satisfied with the end results.