The Boca Raton-based fitness company Orangetheory is the fastest growing fitness franchise in the world with 875 studios across the U.S. and 999 worldwide. Currently featured in Fast Company magazine, “Orangetheory was recently named the second-best fitness franchise…”

We are so fortunate to be a part of their success as Facilitec designed over 18 studios for them in Atlanta and Macon. Designing a workout facility to meet brand standards and individual franchise business goals for an international chain can be a challenge. We designed the space so that it could be recreated in several locations around the state.

The brainchild of physiologist Ellen Lathan, the one hour class is a scientifically designed high intensity interval workout that keeps your heart rate in a target zone that spikes metabolism and boosts your energy.

It is a different workout every day but the same for each location. This connection creates a community among members whether you are in Australia or the U.S., you can connect every day about your workout experience. Give it a try. Your first workout is free. No pain. No gain.  READ FULL ARTICLE HERE