LesConcierges chose Atlanta to open a facility that would house more than 100 concierges’ to continue the expansion of their global services. In doing so, they look to 270 Peachtree for their new office space. They were attracted to the open floor plate and the amenities that the building brought.


One of the design challenges was to provide high density space that could create an inviting work environment for their staff as they assist their clients by arranging complex details in their travels and entertainment.


In doing so, it was important to LesConcierges to create an environment that would uplift the staff in their daily activities with their clients. Facilitec had to address a space that not only projected a stimulating environment for the staff but was also challenged by their management to ensure that that uplifting attitude conveyed in every phone conversation, email and interaction with their global client base.


Facilitec engaged some of the newer trends that have prevailed in the design community to help solve this challenge. By working with an off-center center core office building, we were able to have a large open office space that allow daylighting from three of the four sides of the building.



By incorporating a new benching work style we were able to give staff the appropriate space to work both independently and collaboratively with their team. In addition, high-end finishes and “A” grade products were deployed throughout the space to ensure that each staff member felt they were appreciated.



Training facilities, conferencing centers, and multiple areas for both quiet time and private conversations are provided throughout the space. The 23rd floor break area overlooking the Atlanta skyline allows the staff a place to relax and recharge.