Orangetheory Fitness is a national, interval based fitness organization that focuses on high energy workouts to keep your body moving and your heart rate in the “target zone”. Facilitec has worked with Orangetheory Fitness to design 7 of their Atlanta based locations, totaling approximately 20,000 square feet.


Working with an organization that is expanding nationally requires several different approaches to a traditional design project. Managing a consistent design that projects their brand and marketing objectives are essential. Much like many of the food or retail franchise, Orangetheory Fitness needed to ensure that customers enjoyed the same experience at any location in the country.


Once Facilitec met with Orangetheory’s corporate staff we were asked to work with them to create an environment that could be recreated in multiple locations throughout Atlanta and be consistent with their national objectives. Facilitec worked with multiple franchise owners throughout Atlanta to ensure¬†their national goals and objectives were met with the same consistency throughout their local locations.