Teknion and Facilitec Take on The Jetsons

Wonderful space planning session with Greg Decker’s lead.

It all began with the Jetsons. Was the rendering of the Jetson’s future correct? How virtual are we? Think about it for a minute. Who was your favorite character? Do they exist today? Do we fly in a car to work? Will the world go completely virtual in the future?

Greg got your mind thinking, collaborating and creating. The things that we do every day.

Each and every one of ­­us is different. We work differently. We think differently. We learn differently.  We communicate differently.

This is why we need to offer different types of work environments.  This is not a one size fits all.

You may think everyone works just like you do, but they don’t. To increase productivity and efficiency, we need to create spaces where people feel comfortable.

Think about it. There are all types of interactions in our day. Some require personal interaction where others can be done virtually through technology.

We dissected our day. What percentage of your day is spent doing these types of activities: focused, learning, social and shared.  Talk about self discovery! Each person prefers different settings for each activity. Download the Workflo tool to get to the heart of your employees’ workspace preferences.

Thank you for the insight and wonderful collaborative session!

Greg is Teknion’s Vice President Sales and Strategy Effectiveness.


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