More companies are expressing their culture and character with unique artwork. With the changing of the workplace and employees returning to the office, companies are needing more ways to retain workers as well as gain new ones. An aesthetically pleasing environment with inviting artwork is one way to enhance the workplace.

Art has been proven to increase employee productivity, state of mind, and physical well-being. For example, scenes of nature can calm their mental energy and lower their stress levels. People who work in environments with aesthetically-engaging art typically experience less stress and anger which creates a more enjoyable work environment.

Not only does artwork affect the mood in the room, the color of the art or the room can change an attitude drastically.

According to Angela Wright, a world-renowned color psychologist, there are four primary colors that affect four different parts of human beings:

Blue: The color blue most closely affects the mind and more so – the ability to focus.

Yellow: Yellow evokes emotion and invites the ego to take center stage. This is perfect for encouraging creativity because it often takes a sense of pride in one’s work to take chances and develop new solutions.

Red: This one is all physical. The color red has been scientifically proven to have the ability to increase the heart rate of anyone near it. It can induce stress in some cases, but it can also act as a motivator to move quickly and get stuff done.

Green: Ahh, calming green. It creates a sense of balance and soothes the mind. It can be effective in reducing stress and depending on the person, it could actually increase focus even more than blue.

It is important to have a variety of colors in a space, so the employees can change their mindset throughout the day. We have provided ideas and resources using a variety of artists and photographers to provide strategic incorporation of art in the workplace.