Generation Z is the most populous generation around and they are a unique bunch.
One difference in Gen Z is their relationship with technology. They are the first generation of  true digital natives.

“The way we use technology and how it’s been a part of our lives, compared to other generations, is drastically different,” explains Jonah Stillman. “The majority of my generation never remembers a world without the iPhone … and kids born in 2012 don’t remember a world without virtual reality, [artificial intelligence] (AI), ‘smart’ data or self-driving cars.”

To this Generation, there are no true boundaries between the physical and digital worlds, which has been coined “phigital”. These trends have made it harder to have a work life balance especially as remote work has increased. 

It is predicted that Gen Z’s phigital perspective will have a significant impact on the workplace, from communication methods to office design. Employers and organizations will need to adapt to accommodate their preferences and expectations.

Other unique technology  characteristics of Gen Z are:

  1. They are device hoppers
  2. They have less patience for technical issues
  3. They use multiple devices at one time
  4. They are more creative when it comes to content
  5. They spend a much higher time on their devices than other generations

Gen Z has impacted the tech industry in a number of ways that will affect generations to come.  To manage and cater to Generation Z in the workplace, it’s essential to recognize their distinct characteristics and preferences.